Given the latest relaxation of the COVID-19 rules we are expecting to run a normal daytime and evening league programme commencing on Monday 13th September 2021.

As a starting point we are currently contacting all of the Team Contacts we have listed who had teams participating in the leagues in January 2020 to enable us to gauge  the number of teams likely to be in each of the leagues in order for us to put together a league programme. Everyone who had a team in January 2020 will have been contacted by the end of this week (Friday 13th August). If you have not been contacted by then and wish your team to continue to participate in the Leagues please contact the Stadium as soon as possible.

Similarly if any Member wishes to enter a new team into the leagues for the 2021/22 Winter season please contact the Stadium or either of the League Secretaries as soon as possible. You will need to provide a Team Contact, Team Name together with a Contact Telephone Number.